Loren spoke to campers about bullying
and introduced her Loren's Friendship
Promise. All geared toward helping
children become responsible for their
Januray 12, 2012
Loren Bellow Interview On
Hip-Hop And Fashion
"The youngest published
author in Louisiana" Loren
Bellow Is interview by Host
Mister Wayne during a
segment of Hip-hop And

Loren's interview on
Louisiana's  Heart Beats
July 20, 2011
Eight-year-old author writes
second book
Posted: Jul 20, 2011 5:41 PM
by Jenise Fernandez

See Loren's Interview on KATC3
The Daily Advertiser June 29, 2012
Acadiana Gazzette July 4, 2012
The Daily Advertiser March 24, 2012:

Loren Bellow, an eight year old Lafayette
author, recently participated in the national
African American Read-In by reading to more
than 300 people in February. She visited J.W.
Faulk Elementary School, Gethsemane Christian
Academy, Destined Generation Ministries, and
Gethsemane LaPetite Early Childhood. Loren
also read her book, "Meet Loren" on parishes.
From left are Kimberly Walker, Loren Bellow
and Nakesha Mouton.
Front Page The Daily Advertiser
March 1, 2011
Loren Bellow, a 7 year old author who attends as
she holds the book she wrote with her mother,
Toren Bellow in Lafayette.
March 7, 2012
The Youngest Author in Louisiana
Loren Bellow with Sudie Landry on
Louisiana's Heart Beat
Louisiana's youngest author Loren Bellow,
age 9,  who has written a children's book
Louisiana's youngest author Loren Bellow,
soon to be released, shares her essay
about bullying and friendship with the
hundreds gathered the event.
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The Time October 2011
Loren's  first book Meet Loren,  was
co-authored with her mother (Toren). The
book is a short spelling words from her
school list throughout the book.
is the first book out of the 10 the
Bellows will be releasing.
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